Rain Valley Kennel Gentry AR - Puppies w/Congenital Defects

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The kennel sold me a dog with a heart condition and tried to convice me it could go away.Then told me they didnt want him back but they knew they had done wrong by me so let me pick a free dog from the next breeding season.

I got my new English Bulldog at 10 weeks, she was only 2 lbs (normal weight is 10-15 lbs for a healthy puppy that age). She had kennel cough, parasites & staph infection on her head and genital area. Shortly after she began having seizures and was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a brain disorder from birth and demodectic mange which can only be transmitted from mother dog to her offspring. She does not grow, can not learn, runs into things and urinates wherever she happens to be.

Both dogs are on daily maintance medicines. Around this time the older dog was diagnosed with OCD in his shoulder. Yet they refuse to give me a refund. It has been a year since I got the first sick dog diagnosed and just yesterday they offer a refund only if I have him euthanized.


Check your breeders, make sure they have gentetic testing and can rule out birth defects like the ones my poor dogs have.This mistake has cost me nearly $10,000 in vet bills and left me with two dogs who are not supposed to live to be even three years old.

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